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Related post: Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 04:29:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Michael Davis Subject: Redeye SnifferThis story depicts acts of a homosexual nature and includes frank descriptions of watersports and raunch. If you are underage or offended by this pedo preteen sexe type of behavior, please do not read any further. If you like the story, please send me an email: nastybottom_in_vegasyahoo.comThanks to an online bud whose real experience inspired this story, you know who you are you lucky bastard.-------------------------------------------------------------It was one hell of a business trip for me. A full day of work followed by a redeye to Dallas, way too short a nap in a crappy hotel room followed by a full day of courting clients then another redeye home. Man was I ready to get there. The plane was less than half full, and the flight crew had turned down the lights. With very few exceptions, the passengers were sleeping. I was trying to sleep, but I never have much luck at preteen model photography that real preteen nudists on a plane.I had given a couple of casual glances at the guy across the preteen russian nymphettes aisle... he wasn't hard on the eyes. Nice looking guy, looked like he was in his mid-thirties, professional, white collar, amsterdam preteen fucking wire rimmed glasses, heavy gold wedding band. "Not bad at all," I thought to myself. His dark features and stubble were illuminated only by the glow of the laptop screen that he nn preteen bb was staring intently at. His focus dark preteen models on whatever he was working on gave me the opportunity to let my eyes and mind wander. I was slipping into a fantasy when he suddenly took his laptop and placed it on the empty seat beside him. I smotthly preteen top 666 diverted preteen underwear photo my gaze just as he looked in my direction. Whew, almost caught there.He undid his seatbelt, stood up in the aisle and opened the overhead compartment I had seen him put his computer case into at the beginning of the trip. He was rummaging through his bag with hot preteens modeling his ass facing me. The plane banked a bbs preteens nonenude little and top little preteens he lost his balance just enough to lean toward me. My nose caught the sweet and masculine aroma of ass sweat that has been percolating in a crack for hours. Probably hours uderage preteen pic of sitting in a boardroom chair encased in his wool-blend suit pants. Probably has silk boxers on underneath too. I turned my head toward his ass and carefully took preteen ukrainian angels a porno preteen girls quiet and deep sniff of his manscent. Jesus it smelled good! My cock was really beginning to swell in my own suit pants.He apparently found the disk he was looking preteen legs pictures for and leaned over to pop it into his drive. Now he was bending over the arm of his seat doing something on his computer with his full, round ass pointed directly at budding preteen model me. That's when I heard it. nude preteen celebrity A very soft, but unmistakable sound of air being released. Man, what did I do right to be getting this? I saw him glance over his preteen 15 naked shoulder just as I closed my eyes. I breathed deeply preteen teeny as if I were in a sound sleep and enjoyed his aroma. It was a pungent man fart. One that had been filtered through a full day of ass crack sweat and an Armani suit. My mind's eye conjured up pinkworld preteen a fantasy of him sitting on my face, grinding his ass into my nose and blasting his farts directly into my nostrils. What I would give to have this guy on my rimseat at home.He chuckled a little to himself, as if he thought it was funny to be farting in the face of a sleeping stranger. I think he was getting off on this and I knew I was. I cracked my eyes open a little to steal another look at his ass. seventeen preteen He popped the disk out and went back up to the overhead. He dug around a bit more, then leaned back over to his laptop. This time, his ass was touching my seat and his crack was mere inches from my face. There it was again, a quiet and very controlled fart. This time I sniffed deeply and fairly loudly and also stirred in my seat and moaned a little. Playing the part just in young bikini preteens case he was really into the whole sleeping stranger thing.He fumbled with his computer a bit more then stood back up. This time he opened the overhead above my seat and appeared to be looking for something in it. Now I know he didn't have anything in that compartment, illegal preteengalleries but pre preteen nudes his hip was pressed against the side of my seat and his crotch was preteen 3d nude inches from my face. I sniffed again, this time the smell was a hefty dose of male musk with sweat pregnant preteen photos and the delicious scent of dried piss. I was in heaven. I opened my eyes and glanced up at him. He looked up and down the center aisle and reached down and unzipped his fly. Now he had my preteen nudist post undivided attention.He pulled shameless preteens com out his semi-hard cock and sex doll preteen pointed the head preteens models porno at my face. Figuring that he knew the coast preteen anime erotic was clear, I leaned toward him and wrapped my lips softly around the head of his cock. Just as I did, I felt it begin, a trickle at first but then a full stream of piss. This complete stranger was pissing in my mouth! At first I was surprised to the point of freezing where I was but realized that unless I wanted to be covered in piss for the rest of the flight, I had better start swallowing, and fast!I girlies preteen net gulped hard the first few times, just to catch up, then settled into a slow swalowing rhythm to keep up with his bladder. Finally the flow slowed down to a trickle and then stopped. I sucked a little and licked the head to get the last drops from his piss slit. Then he reached down, flipped his cock back into his fly and zipped up his pants. He closed the overhead compartment, sat down and resumed his work.I just sat there, blankly staring at him, a boner raging in my pants. He didn't even look in my direction. I was dumbfounded. How could he do that and just go back to his seat like nothing had happened? My mind was reeling. I decided to see if I could figure him out."Hey, how's nudists preteen pics it going?" I preteen pic net asked."Huh? preteens bikini girls Oh... fine I guess." He replied, not even glancing away from his laptop."Visiting Vegas on business?" I naked preteen ukrainian underage preteen cloud attempted."Yep. Got a couple of screwing preteen girls meetings tomorrow." He replied."Yeah, I had meetings in Dallas, 15teen preteen models heading home preteens tongue gallery to Vegas. Name's Alex." I said, extending my hand across the aisle."Treavor," he replied shaking my hand preteen naturists pictures firmly."Good to meet you. You travel a lot for work?" I asked."Yeah," he replied. "The wife hates it. Says I am missing the kid growing up. But she sure as hell would miss the preteens girl images money if I wasn't traveling.""Yep, I know how preteen boylovevideo that goes." I said."What hotel are you staying at while you're in Vegas?" I asked."Not staying in a hotel." he answered. "We have a corporate apartment just southeast of the strip. Someone's always flying in so they just keep an apartment leased. Makes more sense than hotel rooms.""That's cool. Better than fighting your way through a casino to get to your rooms, I guess." I said."Yeah, no check best preteen rape in hassles and I can have guests over without having to get them through the security pricks at the elevators," he said. Was he hinting?I decided to play it cool. "I guess you'll get a rental car once you get there.""No, I prefer to just take a Taxi. It takes less time than doing the car rental thing," he continued. "Besides it's close enough to the strip, it costs next to nothing. Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to finish this Powerpoint.""Sure," I replied, probably sounding a little dejected. I closed my eyes and tried to will my boner away, but all the while wondering if I had imagined the whole thing. Had I ilegal pedo preteens really sniffed his farts and drunk his piss? If so, how was he being so nonchallant about it? I preteens nude giers drifted off to sleep and had a hot dream about old with preteen him. A bump against my seat woke me up and there was his ass again as he was bending over putting his laptop into its case. He released another fart into my face and I sniffed it up. If this was gonna young preteen porn be all I got, I was gonna enjoy puberty preteens photos it as much as I could.He finished packing up his things, placed the case back in the overhead and sat back down. He buckled his seatbelt and flipped open a magazine as the flight attendant began to make pre-landing checks of the cabin. We finally began our approach and wrapped up the flight without so much as a glance from him in my direction. What was this guy's deal?After we landed, He got up and took out his carry-ons. I did the same. As we were walking up the jetway he finally spoke. "You have a car?""Yes, in long term parking," I said."Good, you're taking me to the apartment," He said."Pretty damned sure preteen sexe pthc of himself," I thought, but my lips said, "Yes Sir.""Good," he said simply as preteen magazine nn he fell behind me, little preteen lady obviously wanting me to lead him to my car. Once we got there, he waited by the back door as I unlocked the doors. Instead of preteen brazil pics getting in, he just stood there. After a moment of awkwardness, I realized that what he wanted was for me to open his door. This guy was obviously used to getting what he wanted. I opened his door and preteen legal pics he slipped preteens top100 into the back seat. After he was fully in, I closed his door and slid into my place in the front preteens images seat."Corner of Warm Springs and Pecos." he said, as large breast preteen if giving an address to a taxi driver."Yes Sir." preteen kid pedo At free preteennude photo least he was on my side of town.I drove there in silence. Once we got close, he directed me into his apartment complex and to a parking place. After I put the car in park, I got out and opened the door for him. He slid out and walked away, leaving his bag on the seat. I grabbed it and quickly walked to catch up to him. He walked up to an apartment and unlocked the door, walked inside and keyed in a security code on the keypad. He walked into the nicely furnished, but obviously not-lived-in apartment. I closed the door behind me and placed his bag down by the door."Will there be anything else sir?" I asked, knowing that this was the role he expected me to play."Yes Alex, I believe I need to take my shoes off." He anal preteens redhead preteen pictures answered."Yes Sir, I said as I kneeled before him and slipped his shoes off, carefully placing them beside his socked feet.The smell of his feet was lane model preteens exquisite. Nylon socks and leather dress shoes had conspired to make a manly foot smell preteen boy naked that was like no other. I leaned down to inhale deeply. This was a position I could be in for preteen rusian nude hours, but he had other plans."Take off my socks, Alex." He said. I did, preteens nude modles carefully taking them off and placing each one in its respective shoe. I bowed preteen strawberry korea my head close to his feet again and inhaled his manliness again. "Like that fag?""Yes SIr." I replied preteen angels lia honestly."Like the smell of a real man?" preteen peeing photos He asked, knowing the answer."Yes SIr." I said again."Follow," he said simply, turned and walked away. I crawled behind him.He walked tiny preteen girlz into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, leaning against the counter with his ass facing me."You liked the smell of my farts?" He asked."Yes Sir." I said."Thought so. Nasty fag," he said. Then he let out a loud ass ripper and I crawled to his ass and placed my nose in his crack and breathed all of it in. "Good fag.""Thank you Sir," I replied.He walked over to the toilet, turned around preteen in pumps and dropped his pants and boxers. He sat down preteen images and blasted preteen nude org another fart into the bowl pregnant preteen porn as he looked at me. I crawled over to him and placed my face between his thighs and sniffed loudly. He reached down and placed his cock in my mouth and filled it with his piss for the second time japanese preteen moidels of the night. I drank it down as he farted into the toilet and forum preteen sex began to drop a turd into the bowl. The scent was heavy and pungent, but smelled good too."Oh yeah," he moaned. "I have needed to take a dump since I got on the plane." As if punctuating his statement, another turd splashed in the bowl.I continued to hold his cock in my mouth as he finished his dump. After he was finished, he stood up and turned his ass towards me. "Asswipe," he commanded.I reached toward the toilet paper roll and he put preteens sexo young his hand on it, blocking me from getting any. "Asswipe." He said again, more forcefully this time. With that, he reached back and spread his teen angel preteen asscheeks to reveal a beautiful pucker with a streak of brown smeared on the tight folds.I had never done this before, and wasn't sure I could. But his commanding presence was enough for me. He knew that I was preteen bottoms going white preteen pussy to lick his ass clean well before I realized it. But finally I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked across his hole. It wasn't nearly as bad free webcam preteen as I expected. I got in deeper and licked more and more forcefully until he was completely clean.Satisfied that I had done a good job, he turned and faced me. He grabbed my hair and pulled me onto all fours. He lifted the toilet seat and pulled my head to the bowl. After he had me looking at his turda floating in the shitter, he closed the seat on my head, trapping me there, sniffing his butt logs.He went behind me preteen model oriental and kneeled as he reached around and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my knees. preteen page He spit on his hand and lubed up his cock, took aim at my fuckhole and drove it home. The intrusion shocked me a little but he drove it all the way in to the balls in one stroke. He stopped for a few seconds then began a fairly fast fucking motion. I was getting into it and began to meet his thrusts as he quickened his pace. I was nude bikini preteen sniffing his shit, and reached underneath to feel my own cock, dripping long strings of precum. I started jacking for all it was worth as he preteens sexy nudes picked up the power and pace of his fucking. As his first jets of cum blasted preteen and picture into my guts, I sprayed the side of the toilet bowl.I just stayed there, my head in the toilet, until he pulled out of my ass with a sloppy plop. He lifted the toilet lid and grabbed my by the hair and dragged me onto his cock. Since I wasn't expecting to have sex, my ass wasn't exactly clean and his cock was streaked with brown. I knew that he was expecting me to clean up after myself and I did. Now that I had cum, the euphoria was subsiding and the shit taste almost made me wretch but I finished cleaning up my ass juice and nylon preteens pics his cum dutifully.After preteen fantasy he was clean, he got up and walked out of the room. I stood up and pulled up my pants. "Thanks for the ride Alex. You can find your way out." He said, walking into the kitchen.I just walked to the door, sort of amazed at what had happened, and more so that he seemed to have disconnected voyeur candid preteen from it. I walked to the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind me. I heard the deadbolt preteen webcam free slide into place.I drove home, replaying the entire thing in my mind. Once I preteen cartoon xxx got there, I went to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror as I jerked off again. Following a short nap, my alarm preteen hentai gallery clock went off and I showered and headed in to work. This was going to hopefully be a short day.I preteen nudist free went into my office and was checking my email when my iligal preteen boss popped his head into my office. "Alex, glad you're here," he said. "Have a good trip?""Yes SIr," I replied, "I think it braless preteens went well.""Excellent!" He said. "There's a meeting in the main conference room in twenty minutes. You need to be there for it, then you can take the rest of the day off."I finished checking my calendar and preteen love stories answered a couple of skinny nude preteens emails then walked down the hall to the conference room. As I stepped in, I couldn't believe my eyes."Alex, this is Treavor Wilkinson," my boss said. preteen models gallories "He's sandra preteenz nudes in from one of our subsidiaries in Dallas."I just stared at him as he shook forbidden preteen sites my hand... like we had never met.
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